Correspondence Tables

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A table of correspondences between the AMOQ quadrants and various other contexts.
AMOQ quadrant Element Temperament Tarot Card suite Jungian psychology Four life positions
according to Wilson
Mental Symmetry
according to me
Hogwarts school
according to Rowling
Himeros character
according to me
Objective Quality Earth Melancholic Pentacles,
The Emperor
Diamonds Sensing I'm Not OK,
You're OK
Server Hufflepuff Unabomber
Subjective Quality Water Phlegmatic Cups,
The Empress
Hearts Feeling I'm Not OK,
You're Not OK
Mercy Slytherin Madonna
Normative Quality Air Sanguine Swords,
The Hierophant
Spades Thinking I'm OK,
You're Not OK
Teacher Ravenclaw Stephen Hawking
Mystical Quality Fire Choleric Staves,
The High Priestess
Clubs Intuition I'm OK,
You're OK
Perceiver Gryffindor John Paul II
A table of correspondences between other AMOQ sets and various other contexts.
AMOQ set Tarot Socionics Mental Symmetry
Gnostic quality The Moon Irrational Associative processing
Rational quality The Sun Rational Analytical processing
Tangible quality Lovers Involved Concrete processing
Abstract quality The Chariot Abstract Abstract processing

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